#1Book1Review: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day

Title: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day Authors: Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben Genre: fiction (for children) ISBN: 0-375-82252-6 This book has been my students’ choice. Its simple story with its simple words plus lovely illustrations have hypnotized them to read more. This book really helps me in encouraging and practising my students’ reading skill. So, … More #1Book1Review: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day

High School Theatrical

Most people enjoyed their childhood. Some of them had unforgettable memories in their teenagerhood. Laughters and tears. Happiness and sorrow. Ups and downs. Those things have been coloring our lives. This time, let me share you a chapter of my life story in my teenagerhood. When I was in my first year of Senior High … More High School Theatrical

From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics (part 2)

  Thursday, 22nd October 2015 On that fine morning.   Ring….ring…. “Hallo?” “Mom, I’m scared.” “What happenend, Sweetheart? Have you done the presentation?” “No, not yet. The other teams have cool robots. They are bigger students from Senior High School. I’m so scared I cannot make it.” I took a deep breath. Salsa (12 y.0), … More From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics (part 2)