#1Book1Review: Lisa in New York


Title: Lisa in New York

Author: Anne Gutman

Illustrator: Georg Hallensleben

Genre: fiction (children book)

First edition: April 2002

Published by: Alfred A. Knopf New York

Price: $9.95 US

ISBN: 0-375-81119-2

This is the last collection of Gaspard and Lisa series that I’ve got in my book case. Last but not least, the story still presents a remarkable child’s adventure that can take you to children’s life.

This book is teaching the children what to do if they are lost. As usual, with its great illustrations, the book can bring the children to their fullest imagination. Parent/teacher should accompany the children while reading this book since some questions might rise. Hopefully, the parent/teacher could solve the problem wisely.

It is important to inform our kids what to do in a such situation. Parents may teach their children to recall their parents’ phone numbers and addresses. Well, just in case. Above all, it is wise to teach them not to be panicked or scared. They must be calm and report themselves to the police station nearby.

The story began when Lisa travelled to New York to visit Uncle Harrison. He lived in a skyscraper that amazed Lisa a lot. She got delighted to visit her uncle as her birthday gift.

In New York, there was nothing to do but sightseeing. Since there were a lot of places to visit, they always rushed themselves in doing it. Not forget to mention The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge and more bridges, also a funny looking Flat-iron building and more skyscrapers.

But to Lisa, the best place ever to visit is Time Square! One day she went there with Uncle Harrison to buy souvenirs. She finally got a Statue of Liberty night-light for her best friend, Gaspard.

After buying the souvenir, off they went to the bookstore. On their way there, Lisa saw something interesting.

It was a circus entirely made of cake! Wow! Amazing! Lisa couldn’t help admiring the giant cake. Unfortunately, when she turned around, Uncle Harrison was out of sight.

Oh, no! Lisa. Was. Lost.

Clever Lisa quickly knew what was best to do. She came to a police officer nearby. He told her to report herself at the information center.

Funnily, before she was able to reach the desk of the information center, the lady who was in charge there suddenly called her name.

Her uncle was waiting for her on the 64th floor. Lisa felt so relieved to be saved. Quickly she went to the elevator to reach the 64th floor.

Since she was not tall enough to reach the buttons of the elevator, she climbed on her Statue of Liberty night-light.

That was the time when she heard a loud crack after pressing the button.

Oh, no! Liberty’s arm was broken!

So, how Lisa managed the situation?

Would she ever meet Uncle Harrison again?

Could she be saved?


Lots of Love,

Frida Herlina

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