#1Book1Review: Gaspard in the Hospital


Title: Gaspard in the Hospital

Author: Anne Gutman

Illustrator: Georg Hallensleben

Genre: fiction (children book)

First edition: September 2001

Published by: Alfred A. Knopf New York

Price: $9.95 US

ISBN: 0-375-81116-8

Again, I still want to review about this Gaspard and Lisa book series.

Since the books have become my students’ favorite ones, I really want to spread the joy of reading.

The book has amazing illustrations (well, as I mentioned on my previous blogpost) yet simple story to follow and understand. It really shows children’s daily life and things around them.

It also teaches a lesson to the children about choking hazards. Well, that part is of course stated on this book this time.

So, what the story is about? Let’s find out! ^^

This time Gaspard has a story. Last summer, he was the Dog Walker who took care of his neighbors’s dogs during vacation. As he earned some money, he decided to buy a key chain with a little race car on it.


Poor him. He’s so scared that everyone at school wanted his key chain. So, out of the blue, he found out the best place for keeping his new key chain.

He. Kept. It. Inside. His. Mouth.


Guess what happened next?

He accidentally swallowed it! Then he felt very sick. His teacher was so worried that finally she called an ambulance.

Gaspard didn’t dare to tell the truth to either his teacher or the ambulance people. He found it hard to explain why on earth he put a key chain inside his mouth.

Thus, the ambulance people took him to the hospital. He felt a bit scared when the nurse took him to the X-ray room.


The doctors saw what he swallowed! Next, the doctors performed an operation. They told him that he wouldn’t feel a thing.

It didn’t take a long time when Gaspard finally fell asleep.

He was dreaming about being a race car driver!

Gaspard was a car racer. Vroom!

So, what would happen when he woke up?

Was the operation successful?

Who was the first person he saw after having operation?

Would he ever learn not to swallow a key chain anymore?

Gaspard found a surprise.

What about you? ^^

Lots of Love,

Frida Herlina

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