#1Book1Review: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day

Book of the month: January ^^

Title: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day

Authors: Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben

Genre: fiction (for children)

ISBN: 0-375-82252-6

This book has been my students’ choice. Its simple story with its simple words plus lovely illustrations have hypnotized them to read more.

This book really helps me in encouraging and practising my students’ reading skill.

So, what the story is about? Just keep reading, dear. ^^

Gaspard and Lisa is the series books of children’s journey. Although the story is so humane, Gaspard and Lisa are illustrated as non-human beings. They appear to be as one of the most favorite pets in the world.

The story begins when Gaspard and Lisa had a vacation at Lisa’s grandma. (Well, yes. Gaspard and Lisa are best friends.) Unfortunately, it rained almost everyday. To some children, rainy days don’t bring fun as they can’t go out and play. They can feel bored staying at home.

*Oh, what a mess!” Grandma cried.

To kill the children’s boredom, Grandma asked them to join her baking the cake. Of course, Gaspard and Lisa felt so excited! When they saw the ingredients on the table, they couldn’t wait starting. Meanwhile, Grandma was away to get some aprons.

Guess what happened when she returned?

It was a horrible mess on the table as Gaspard and Lisa had made some batter and frosting! Grandma was not pleased. So, she sent them right away to their rooms.

Inside the room, Lisa had an idea of making a haunted house. Together with Gaspard, she made the room dark and set a trap.

Guess who was the first person coming into the room?

It was Mom! Oh, no!

Mom got mad and told them to play downstairs.

They saw Dad watching tennis on TV downstairs. That gave Lisa another idea. After finding two tennis rackets, the children started playing tennis in dining room.

Unluckily, Dad asked them to stop playing there before they broke something. Then, Dad asked them to play puzzles, instead.

Off they went finding something to cut to make puzzles. They used Grandma’s rabbit-and-pheasant big poster!

After cutting the poster into tiny pieces, they taped it together again. To their surprise, they lost the puzzle piece of the rabbit.

They searched here and there but still couldn’t find the missing piece.

So, what would they do next?

Would Grandma, Mom and Dad notice the rabbit-and-pheasant poster in the living room?

Was Grandma going to be furious?

Would they eventually find the missing piece?

Both Gaspard and Lisa held their breath!

And you, too. ^^




Lots of Love

Frida Herlina

6 thoughts on “#1Book1Review: Gaspard and Lisa’s Rainy Day

    1. Hai, Ristin sayangkuuuuhh …
      Bantu2 eike bersihin blog yaak, udah mulai banyak sarang laba2! Hahahaha …

      Makasih lho udah langsung cuuuss di mari, padahal blogpost ini belum di-share! Nyiahaha …
      Nyetrum banget sih, ciiinn?? Aku padamu muach!

      Woohoo … Ini blog masih belajar utk kece. Jadi belum kece lah, apalagi kece banget. Doain, yak!

  1. Simple yet interesting story
    I think this book is good as one of the medium to practice English and also enrich the imagination of the student

    So … how’s the missing piece of rabbit ?
    Do they find it ? (hahaha)


    1. Indeed!
      I do agree with you, Oom.

      What children need is only a simple book with interesting characters. That really encourages them in reading. I’m so excited to see my students enjoy learning how to read.
      Thanks to this book! ^^

      Btw, thanks for visiting my blog, Oom. It’s a great pleasure!

      *hiding the missing piece of rabbit puzzle* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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