High School Theatrical


Most people enjoyed their childhood. Some of them had unforgettable memories in their teenagerhood. Laughters and tears. Happiness and sorrow. Ups and downs. Those things have been coloring our lives.

This time, let me share you a chapter of my life story in my teenagerhood. When I was in my first year of Senior High School (grade 10), I felt excited starting my first day at school: SMA Negeri 8 Surabaya. The school building was an old one. (And gradually we had it renovated.) I met some good new friends, nice teachers, yummy food/snacks at the canteen, complete book and magazine collections at the library and many other wonderful things.

On the other side, I also experienced “bad times”. Well, being in an old building might worry us sometimes. Especially, during the rainy season. Some classes would be totally wet during and after the rain. It rang a bell of saving our bags and other belongings. But were we so sad to face it? No. Not at all. We found it fun! Rain and thunder always became the excuse to pause the ongoing lesson. Why? Because we couldn’t hear the teacher’s voice while he’s explaining the lesson. As the result, we got a free time as the teacher headed to teacher’s room to pause the lesson. Yippie! Yay! πŸ˜œπŸ˜„ (I think having a free class is always the good news for all students all around the globe, right?)

Several months later, we got an announcement that the school would hold “Malam Kesenian” (MK) by the end of academic year. It had been the school agenda to hold MK annually as the farewell party for the grade 12 students before the graduation day. Our home room teachers explained that the students in our class (1.5 a.k.a Arjimo) had to perform something on the stage. They left it to us to discuss what to do on the performance.

So, we were discussing about it. Although most of us were new friends to one another, we were so united in harmony. This was something that I felt grateful for. Most of my friends in classroom 1.5 were funny and cooperative. And do you know what we prepared for MK? Yup. It’s a folklore play about one of traditional legends in Indonesia. It might not be a High School Musical but it’s time for High School Theatrical! Yay! 😍😘

Actually, we prepared for two performances. A folklore play/drama and a modern-traditional dance. I was appointed to join the dance performance together with my classmates: Novia, Tantry and Dwi Ratna (four of us). We practised dancing almost everyday after school at Tantry’s house. Fortunately, her house was not far from mine. I could reach it either on foot or by jitney. If I went by jitney the route would be further. That’s why sometimes I enjoyed going home on foot from there.

Having hours for dance rehearsal was, of course, tiring. And teenagers got hungry easily when they’re tired. Hahaha… The best part happened after having dance rehearsal was eating! Yay! We always had yummy gorengan there. And tahu isi was something I couldn’t stop munching. πŸ˜„ Oh, it’s so delicious! Thanks a lot, Tantry! 😊 Sometimes we also had our lunch there but eating so many gorengan made our stomaches full already.

Novia, Tantry, Dwi Ratna and I were really the best dancing team. We learnt fast and presented the dance in harmony. Learning the dance with them was truly unforgettable moment for me. 😊

So, how about the folklore play? Well, this was it! It was the moment when I took part as the man behind the stage. And this is the story.

One of my classmates, Neni, was the one who initiated the play. She was also in charge for the casts. She was such a humorous and friendly girl. So, it was not hard for her to get the attention and willingness of the other classmates to participate the play. Soon, the casts were complete.

On the first rehearsal, Neni handed us a piece of paper which was the play script. I was there at that time and quickly checked the script. The story was interesting and most of us were familiar with this folklore story. Unfortunately, the script was not complete. We needed something more complete and detailed especially the dialogs for the casts. So, I offered myself to give a hand in writing the dialogs in details. Neni agreed. She appointed me as the script writer whereas she became the director of the play. Then, I worked it out.

At home, I used the old-fashioned type writer to type the dialogs for the play. I went through in details (well, that’s my best part πŸ˜„) not only for necessary dialogs but also what to do for every single scene. Each cast would know his/her part. While typing it at home, I often giggled imagining the scene as I turned it into a comedy although the original story taken from the traditional folklore. But I knew what I was doing. It was the most creative thing I had ever done in my teenagehood. Writing the play script. Funny expressions adapted from well-known commercial breaks at that time that I inserted into the dialogs would really help this play to be totally awesome and amusing. πŸ˜„

And it was! It really was awesome and amusing. Our class did perform the folklore play beautifully. The casts recalled their parts well and acted seriously natural. It was the moment of truth. I couldn’t help crying in happiness with the whole performers of classroom 1.5 after the performances, both the dance performance and folklore play. (Casts: Hari Prayitno as young man, Lusy as Mbok Rondo Dadapan, Widya as Kleting Abang, Dwi Endah as Kleting Wungu, Tri Prihartini as Kleting Ijo, Nono Widodo as Kleting Kuning and Suhajar as Yuyu Kangkang.) We were so touchy happy as the audience couldn’t stop giving us the standing ovation for the play. Remembering that it was just our first year in Senior High School, we could do something so remarkable. We were so proud of our class. Our home room teachers were proud of us, too.

Let me tell you shortly about this folklore play about.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome and kind-hearted young man, the son of Mbok Rondo Dadapan, who desperately seeked for a future wife. This news quickly spread over the neighbor village. Many young ladies tried to come to his house to be selected as his wife, including: Kleting Abang, Kleting Ijo, Kleting Wungu and Kleting Kuning (the beautiful daughters of Mbok Rondo Karangwulusan). Unfortunately, these ladies had to cross the river to reach his house. As there was no boat, the only thing which could help them cross the river was the giant crab, Yuyu Kangkang. However, crossing the river was not for free. The giant crab asked for kissing as the price to pay. Most ladies agreed to do it except Kleting Kuning. She eventually found her magic way to cross the river without kissing the giant crab.

So, who finally won the young man’s heart? Who did he choose to be his wife? Do you know the title of this folklore? Β πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„


Lots of love,

Frida Herlina

3 thoughts on “High School Theatrical

  1. ketika lg brantakan dan lg bersih, ditambah mulut buaya itu wew… aku jg angkat topi sm irt, aku akui emang ga sanggup aku kerjain smua kerjaan irt, warbiyasak! Kerjaannya buanyak bgt! Btw, klo aku datang bertamu, apakah meja multiguna itu berubah fungsi jadi meja makan? Hassiiikkkkk.. *comotkuesirupsusutehtarik hihihihi..

    1. Haiiisshh…, itu kan tarian tradisional, Kak Zata cantik. ^^ Bukan dance yg heboh gituuu πŸ˜‚
      Yaa…tradisional kontemporer gitu lah. Modifikasi hihihi…

      Oh, you tried to guess the title of the play? 😱
      Sorry, it’s wrong. ^^

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