From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics (part 2)

Thursday, 22nd October 2015

On that fine morning.




“Mom, I’m scared.”

“What happenend, Sweetheart? Have you done the presentation?”

“No, not yet. The other teams have cool robots. They are bigger students from Senior High School. I’m so scared I cannot make it.”

I took a deep breath. Salsa (12 y.0), my daughter sounded so nervous before the competition. Although I was not there in person for her, I tried my best to calm her down, to ease her restlessness.

“Honey, it’s ok. Just try to relax. Be confident. Trust yourself. Everything will be alright,” I tried to cheer her up. Would it work? Dunno. Far beneath myself I felt anxious at once.

“But I’m still scared, Mom.”

“Honey, you only need to relax and do your best. That’s all.”

“What if I don’t win this competition?” a stressful tone appeared on her voice.

“Listen carefully, Sweetheart. By joining this competition, you are already a winner. You win my heart. Ok? Trust me. Everything will be alright. I pray for you and your team.”

“Ok, Mom. Thank you,” a voice in relief finally let out.

“You’re very welcome, Dear. I love you. Take care.”

Minute after minute, hour after hour, I hadn’t get any news from Salsa yet. Her teachers who accompanied her and her friends seemed to be busy, too, by failing to reply my short messages. Waiting made me feel like….ugh, suddenly my tummy rumbled! Gosh! Look who’s feeling nervous now!

And when my cell phone beeped showing short message notification….

private doc.


Well, pack your bag for going home, then. That’s what I thought after reading Salsa’s short messages. I smiled and felt nothing to lose. This was not the end. There would be so many competitions awaiting, anyway. The big lesson she got today was the experience. It’s more than nothing.

To my surprise, I got another different happy news in the afternoon right after Salsa heard the announcement from the committee.



Salsa: alhamdulillah masuk final

Me: alhamdulillah. Retro 2 masuk final kah?

Salsa: yesh

Me: wow great! Retro 2 itu kalian kan kls 7?

Salsa: ya dong..


Yay!! I jumped for joy. Alhamdulillah, Salsa and her team were selected to enter semi final! (Well, it was typo when she typed ‘final’)

It’s really something beyond my expectation since it’s her first time joining robotic competition. By joining the competition itself was already an achievement to me. No other students got this chance but Salsa and her friends. So, it’s not fair pushing her to be the winner when she’s not a pro yet, right?


Anyway, it’s really a good and exciting news. Especially, after “seeing” her disappointment during first classification, finally her team deserved joining semi final. They beat some teams!

And the semi final would take place on the next day.


Friday, 23rd October 2015


I know semi final would be tougher than first classification. Only those with the best presentation and great robots had the chance to earn the ticket to final session. Again, I didn’t expect much. I was not even pushing Salsa to win the competition at the first place, right? Just be logical.


At about 5 pm, Salsa’s school headmaster texted me that the robotics competition at ITS Surabaya was over for our teams. He apologized that the two teams he sent didn’t make it to final session. The other teams from other school still continued the battle until the end of the day. And again, most of them were Senior High School students who had a lot of experiences in joining such competitions.


Well, of course, winning or losing was just a matter of luck or maybe destiny. I believed that Salsa and her friends had done their best. That moment was just a beginning. There are still more chances to join any competitions to win.


The best of all, Salsa and her team, Retro 2, took the 10th position out of 94 teams who participated the competition. And it was a national scope competition. I was so happy and proud of Salsa’s achievement.


A few days later, I came across with this information:

Another robotics competition in Surabaya.


So, I forwarded the information to the school headmaster.


“Alright, Ma’am. Thank you for sharing this robotics competition information. We will discuss about this and prepare the same teams to sign in.”


The next day, Salsa came to me after school and said, “Mom, I’m going to join another robotics competition in Surabaya again.”


“Wow! Great!” I just couldn’t help too hide the excitement. “So, when  will it take place?”


“On November 25th.”


Hmm, another advanture of joining robotics competition’s awaiting.

So, how was that?

Would it be a more exciting experience?


[to be continued]


lots of love,

Frida Herlina


12 thoughts on “From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics (part 2)

  1. Sometimes…it really breaks my heart when seeing my kids lost in their competition…
    it did happen several times 😦
    But as a mom, we have to be stronger, put a smile in our face and comfort them 🙂
    Yeah, because we are moms hehehe…

    Anyway, congratz Salsa and good luck for the final 🙂

  2. wah keren ikutan kompetisi robotic ya, anakku juga suka robotic mbak ikutan ekskulnya juga. Semoga bisa jadi ahli robot ya. Maaf mbak baru bisa berkunjung lupa belum aku save blognya 🙂 sudah tersimpan skr di bloglist

    1. Woo-hoo! Ada tante Ev nih…
      Salsa tahu lho kalo tante Ev pernah menang kompetisi blog Aqua dan hadiah 7 juta!! Itu super keren!
      Dan Salsa kagum gitu deh sama tante Ev.

      Makasih udah berkunjung. Muah!😘

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