From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics


Hiro Hamada, a 14-year old-boy, is a genius in robotics who lives with his elder brother, Tadashi Hamada, and their Aunt Cass in San Fransokyo. Hiro likes to join robot fights illegally for money. Tadashi finds it a bit difficult to stop Hiro’s bad activity until the day he takes his younger brother to robotics centre at his university. Hiro meets Tadashi’s close friends;  Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and GoGo there. He also meets Baymax, Tadashi’s inflatable personal healthcare companion robot. He feels so excited to enroll in the school. So he signs up for school science fair and presents microbots. His presentation is so impressing that Professor Callaghan grants Hiro to enter the university. Professor Callaghan is the head of university’s robotics program. At the same time, Alastair Krei, the president of Krei Tech, offers to buy the microbots. However, Hiro rejects it since he follows Callaghan’s warning about Krei. Moreover, Tadashi’s close friends support Hiro to join in the university. Hiro feels so certain with his decision.

After the robotics presentation, Hiro and Tadashi go out for a walk. They have personal talk and wonderful quality time between brothers. Hiro can feel that Tadashi loves him so much. Suddenly, the university is on fire. Tadashi rushes himself to save Professor Callaghan who is still inside the building. Unfortunately, the building explodes moments later, killing Tadashi, leaving only his cap on Hiro’s hands.

Hiro becomes depressed and mournful every day, losing Tadashi. He doesn’t care about going to university anymore. Well, actually he still needs time to think of it later. Whereas Wasabi, GoGo, Fred and Honey Lemon never stop supporting him and trying to cheer him up. On the other hand, Aunt Cass is also worried about him.

Inevitably, Hiro activates Baymax when he is in pain. “Ouch!” After taking care of Hiro’s pain, Baymax follows Hiro’s one piece of microbot left to an abandoned warehouse. To his surprise, somebody has been producing the microbots in an enormous amount. That somebody is a man wearing a mask. Who is that man? Is he really Krei in disguise? What is he going to do with the microbots?

Well, if you happened to watch Big Hero 6 movie, you should be familiar with the story above. Have you watched it? 🙂

Most children love Big Hero 6 movie, including Salsa (12 y.o), my eldest daughter. This 3D computer-animated super hero comedy movie – released on November 7, 2014 – doesn’t only show some fun, good pictures, but also a great story and lesson learnt for kids. This movie teaches you how to deal with anger. It teaches you how to keep being a good person no matter how bad others treat you. It also tells you that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Above all, the appearance of Baymax, a thoughtful, funny and kind robot, is really attractive. Do you want to have a robot, then? 🙂



“Mom, I’m joining robotics class on Saturdays at school,” Salsa said on  one fine day.

“Robotics! Wow! Great! Awesome! When will it start, dear?”

“Next week.”

To me, joining robotics class is an awesome experience. It’s a wonderful delight to see Salsa enjoying her extra activity at school. I’m totally behind her back for supporting any positive things she does. Eventually, support is one of the best things that we can give to our children, right?

In early October 2015, Salsa came to me after school.

“Mom, I’m going to join Robotics competition in ITS campus Surabaya,”

“WOW! Wonderful! Congrats, dear. I’m so happy to hear it!” I couldn’t help myself but exciting for joy.

And Salsa was away from October 21st – 23rd, 2015 for joining Robot in Action in ITS campus Surabaya. Off she went with her team of three students of year 7, including her, and another team of her seniors – year 8 – also consisted of three students.

So how was the competition?

Could Salsa and her team manage to make it? cropped-cropped-2010_10151274748175180_631294865_n.jpeg


[to be continued]

9 thoughts on “From Big Hero 6 to Competitions of Robotics

  1. Hmmm to be continued…
    Just for you know that my young brother also like robotics. He had brought his students to compete in some competition of robotics.
    Sometimes he asked me about the price some tools of his robot in Surabaya. The price in Surabaya is cheaper than in Gorontalo, he said.

    Wish the next story, Salsa won the competition ^_^

    1. Cool!
      So, your younger brother is also teaching Robotics at school?
      That’s a great experience!

      We’ll see what happened to Salsa and her team. Anyway, thanks a lot for the wish. Muach! :-*

  2. Wah masih bersambung, ditunggu kelanjutan ceritanya yah.
    Extrakurikuler robot kelihatannya menyenangkan, di sekolah anakku nggak ada.
    Pernah ada yg buka les2an robotik di kotaku, tapi sekarang tutup. Mungkin peminatnya sedikit.
    *Maap nih nulis komennya pake b Indonesia, soalnya b inggrisku amburadul hehe.

    1. Hi, Bunda.
      Well, LIA? Hehehe, actually I graduated from English Dept. of Brawijaya University Malang. Thank you for the complimentary, I really appreciate it.

      Thanks for blogwalking here, too.
      Love you, Bunda.

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